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Inscrit.e le : 30/01/2021
MarquisaCheng • S'abonner
Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
Hey girls Since #valentinesday is on, be responsible. Not for your partner tho. For you, and the planet. Do not be shy to have some blood on your hands. Be free in your pants. Our limited brand new flowers of sanitary napkin is waiting for you. Oh and it's all bamboo tissue. If you are lucky you will have also in our packs the ones with pineapple leather. And maybe a kiss from me on one of it. 😘 
#freevagina #period #valentinesday #bemyownvalentine #classy #sundaybloodysunday

@Jejefefe wtffffff lol !!!

@Mihaho467 Whyyyyy ! Gross ! XD

@Lele34560 Zao, I love you. You are crazy looooll

@AndreaSykes @MarquisaCheng Girl you never cease to amaze me. I buy it so hard !!!! 🤣

@GamingRoss Oh my god. 😳

14 February
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